Dildos And Tiaras
What have you bought recently
This week I bought a bottle of JPG’s Ultra Male. Also a couple of bottles of Lovely Cherie. The Tom Ford knock off. Tom Ford lasts for shit, like 5 hrs at most, and this does too, but TF is 300 quid while this is 20, and nobody walking past is going to know the difference. What I’m really looking forward to is the day I can wear tweed, and really pull off the gentleman pedophile look. Until then I guess it’s jeans and converse.
Actually did buy some tiaras- for my daughter.  She likes to dress up like a princess.
I just beat Paper Mario on N64, currently playing through Thousand Year Door on Gamecube and just ordered Super Paper Mario for Wii off ebay. I've beaten the first one several times but never finished TYD as a kid because I got stuck on the final boss, and my old SPM disc broke while I was halfway through it so now I'm on a mission to finish them all.
I thought this was the new CULTURE WAR thread.
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PhoenixDark dateline='[url=tel:1686004387' wrote: 1686004387[/url]']
I thought this was the new CULTURE WAR thread.

I had to go and look at the culture war thread to see what it was.

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Oh deer. No. This is a thread for the worthless shite you bought to distract you from the aching void
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